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The Rock Hill Regional Center, LLC. is currently pending approval through the USCIS.

Friday, April 20, 2012

EB-5 News: Rock Hill Town Center

Rock Hill Town Center is a project in development from the ground up funded by EB-5 monies through Rock Hill Regional Center. Located in Rock Hill, NY, Sullivan County, this will be the next extreme project that will bring growth and demand to a county longing for an economic boost. The current EB-5 application is submitted and waiting approval through the USCIS.

The development of Rock Hill Town Center has been divided into two phases, Phase I and Phase II.

Phase I will include the construction of a 90-room hotel, 60,000 sqft. of retail space, 384 apartment units, and the balance of infrastructure required for the commercial space and 1,273 fully improved residential lots.

Phase II will include the development of another 60,000 sqft. of retail space and the remaining infrastructure required. The Commercial Retail space has been designed to create a true feeling of a town center where people go to work, shop, be entertained, and spend a casual day.

More information and details to follow, stay tuned...

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